Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wind and state of mind

As it is Sunday and the weekend is quickly going away, I am feeling my usual melancholic self today. I also feel little inspiration to blog. Today there is a furious wind outside, so strong that the window frames shake a bit and I saw a cedar tree bend down. I was surprised it didn't snap altogether. I get impressed by these details: strong blowing wind, broken down branches,  or trees. The weather of this country is supposed to be moderate, temperate, average, but there is nothing average about the weather.The strenght of the wind never cease to amaze me and I find it quite a show. It breaks the monotony of this Sunday, chases it away. I hope it brings me some inspiration for later. I sound like a lousy poet, but weather do influence my state of mind. As a child, I could spend ages walking around the garden on a windy day.

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Anonymous said...

I get all shivery as I read this, I can imagine it so well. I miss the powerful and soul shaking winds of my home town. Sometimes I even get the feeling that the wind mocks our puny buildings. She uproots a tree or tears a roof off just to remind us not to become overly arrogant of our human accomplishments.