Saturday, 21 January 2012

Giving Vraie Fiction some exposure

BlogLoveTherapyAs my readership knows, I am trying to widen my readership. Not that I don't think the readers I have are unworthy or anything, but I just want to have more readers. So I suscribed to Blog Love Therapy recently, a blog directory that Tao.Owl made me discover. Vraie Fiction is in the Personal Blogs section. It is in many ways a personal blog, in spite of its title. Let's see if it brings me more readers. It is the first blog directory I have ever suscribed to. I wonder if among the DIY, cooking and fashion blogs I saw there mine will stand out.


Cynthia said...

Even though you might not get clicks directly from Blog Love Therapy, it's best to be linked from many places it increases the chances someone will find your blog through a search.

Anonymous said...

Blog on:-)

tao.owl said...

Thanks for the reference, I really appreciate it and I hope that the link brings in more wonderful and engaging followers, cross our fingers for good luck :-)