Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The cedar branch

Sometimes I feel like my life is a long, monotonous déjà vu. (A note to my English readers: it is pronounced "déjà veuuuu", not "déjà view"). Yet there is something striking in repetitive phenomenons. I am taking about a cedar branch that is lying down on my way to and from the train station. There was one last December and earlier in May, at the exact same place. I am wondering sometimes if someone didn't try to patch the cedar branch on its tree.

There is a very good reason for the branch to be torn down from the tree: yesterday was windy like, it poured with rain, overall it looked like a wet, windy Doomsday. It is actually amazing there weren't more branches around, even whole trees, down on the street. Maybe I am feeling gloomy, it looks like I am almost hoping for a mini English Apocalypse (well, to be honest I do sometimes). But even if I don't, I find this cedar branch fascinating, even though I am not sure why.

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Anonymous said...

I think that for all our modern education and knowledge we are still primal beings, and see signs, and omens when they are just coincidences. Yet as much as I scoff at superstition I rather walk around it then under it. But perhaps that is more to do with the fact that it might fall on top of me than bring bad luck:-)