Monday, 23 January 2012

A new (old) great unknown line

I am not inspired much tonight. Maybe it's Monday, well, it obviously is Monday, but I mean maybe it is because it is Monday. but stay tuned, I will soon have some interesting things to say. I hope. But now, I decided to blog a great unknown line I heard recently. I was waiting for a night without inspiration to write it on the blog. And I need to warn my readerships now: I know I often blog about sandwiches, but this is a great unknown line that was triggered because of sandwiches.Great unknown lines are often about food.

So I was at my desk at work a few weeks ago and a colleague came back from Waitrose or Sainsbury's with her lunch, there was some cheap sandwich and she was mentioning how poor quality were the sandwiches you buy in supermarkets. My manager said: "you should trust the English to make good sandwiches, we invented them." Which is true. And then another colleague (Welsh), said the great unknown line: "The English invented football and tennis, it doesn't mean they are good at it." The whole room started laughing. I don't follow either football or tennis, but even I can appreciate it. And like this one, it can work for every nation, you just need to change the invention.


Anonymous said...

You co worker is certainly astute. But one thing that the English got spot on is Fish and Chips. I don't think that anyone could fault them on that :-)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Funny.. Love it.. everyone needs lightened up once in a while if not daily!!

... and Hope you have a wonderful visit back to your old stomping grounds..