Thursday, 26 January 2012

A walk in the drizzling rain (and a coat)

This is another post about those little nothings that make life (I do them sometimes). I hadn't made my lunch yesterday so had to go to my favourite place to buy a sandwich. It was rainy, but nothing Apocalyptic, just a small drizzle. And I really enjoyed it. I do enjoy walks in the rain sometimes. It is not a walk in the snow, but it is enjoyable nevertheless. And I will have my walks in the snow soon.

That might sound silly, but after a monotonous yet exhausting month, it was a nice, calming moment. And I also have a good coat that keeps me warm and that is so very nicely waterproof. For those looking for one and who are not shocked by this shameless publicity bit, it's a Berghaus. Back in Liverpool, I bought a cheap winter coat in an open market, I thought it was warm and waterproof, it ended up being neither. I still like it, I wonder why. With my new one, I look like an otter when I put the hood up and it rains. I feel like one too. Rain is enjoyable if you can stay dry.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing as invigorating as walking in light drizzle if your shoes and top stays dry. As for the old Liverpool jacket, I imagine that you still like it for sentimenal reasons:-)

tao.owl said...

You have been awarded the "Versatile Blog Award" on my my blog, come check it out :-) Happy blogging!