Sunday, 15 January 2012

Is winter (almost) back?

After a rather warm Christmas season, heck, since the beginning of what has been the warmest winter in a long time (on record?), it is cold again in England. I can barely believe it. Well, yes I can: January is in general a cold month, wherever you are on the Northern emisphere. Where I come from, it is when you have the nastiest temperatures. But I went out yesterday and today and twice I was struck on how stingy the cold air is. Cold as it should have been a month ago.

Another anecdote of some interest: it still looks like Christmas in some places. In the pub where I had my pint, where I drank my usual seasonal beer, they were serving mulled wine, mulled cider and winter Pimm's (!). Christmas lights and a Christmas wreath were on display. This late after the season, I do find it out of time. I could understand the warm drinks, especially since it is cold. But the decorations, not so much.


tao.owl said...

There has been a cold chill in the air here; however, the sun is still shining and the flowers continue to bloom daily. I wish it were like this all year round and that I could never leave my pj's and just frolic throughout observing everything unnoticed! Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yup Christmas decorations are definitely out of our local shops they have unpacked the Easter eggs!