Friday, 13 January 2012

The Sandwich treat (lukewarm results)

Maybe it was because of Friday the 13th, maybe simply because I was tired or because I tried to be creative/different too much, but my sandwich treat today for lunch was uninspired: a hot sausages baguette with ketchup (I thought it was HP sauce) and horseradish sauce. With salad. I mean, really, salad. Obviously I had in mind the hot dogs of William Walter in Montreal. I forgot that you cannot recreate it here (real, quality sausage, Dijon mustard, sauerkraut, sliced gherkins). I mean I ate it all right, I was hungry, but it was lacking. I downed it with Coke Zero (bad idea), because I could have a pint of the thing for the price of a can (50% free). At least I had cashew nuts. Oh well, I wanted to try their sort of hot dogs. I cannot get it right all the time. I was also served by one of the less inspired members of the staff. My favourite employee, the most enthusiastic who gets it right all the time as if he knew my stomach, was busy with a lady client, incidentally a coworker.

 What else to say about the experience? Well, I am called alternatively "sir" and "mate". They are always friendly with me, at least. But next time I go with a safe choice.

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tao.owl said...

Of boy, there is always next Friday, or Monday :-) Happy Friday 13th Guillaume!