Tuesday, 28 April 2020

"Better than a Turkish barber"

I recently received from Amazon a clipper to cut cut my hair. As we are stuck in confinement due to the pandemic and there is no way in Hell I will go see a barber any time soon, even if I could, I thought I better do my hair myself. Or have my wife do it for at least part of the job. So we cut my hair on Sunday. It was a bit stressful at first, but in the end, the result is not so different from something a professional barber would do. It is true that it is not difficult to give me a haircut: I like my hair short and that's it. My wife said about the ordeal: "I think I am better than a Turkish barber". This is because last time I went to a Turkish barber, he gave me a small cut shaving the back of my neck. So yes, at least she was better than this. And this deserves to be a new great unknown line. Once the pandemic is over, I might actually carry on using the clippers. It saves us money.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your wife has a steady hand, I take it. Well done!