Thursday 26 December 2013

Good Kind Wenceslas

This has become a Christmas tradition on Vraie Fiction: I am uploading Good King Wenceslas. as I avoid the Boxing Day, I consider the 26th of December, the Feast of Stephen, or more precisely Good King Wenceslas's Day, because of course of his namesake carol. This is sang by Loreena McKennitt, taken I think from her album A Midwinter Night's Dream. I love this song not so much about its moral message, although I do like that this is about generosity and kindness rather than devotion, but because of its atmosphere: cold winters and heavy snow just peak to me. So here it is anyway.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

One of my most favourite carols! I remember how hard it was as a kid to learn how to pronounce "Wenceslas."

Guillaume said...

It is a great carol as it is also a story.