Wednesday 5 October 2011

Autumn is back

I just want to reassure my readership about this season that was starting to feel out of season recently, and in particular all those autumn aficionados (among them my mum) and of course all my fellow Halloween lovers: today, autumn was back. Well, it was back yesterday, but since today was supposed to be hot and it was not, since it was rather cool, windy a little bit miserable (but just miserable enough to be bearable), since I know that tomorrow will be colder, I can safely assume that autumn is definitely settled here. Touch wood. It felt good. Sure, those sudden changes of temperature gave me a sore throat and I had a tickly cough from time to time, but nothing I cannot take.

This photo was taken in Bath, in October 2009. My mother didn't like Bath as much as she thought she would when she visited it. I find it difficult not to adore Bath, but maybe her expectations were too high. I find the city particularly beautiful in autumn (yes, I blogged about it before). This is not the greatest pic, actually it is pretty common and could have been taken anywhere, but it is fitting enough for this post.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

So happy to hear that! And I am soon on my way to find Autumn! Hooray! Your package is in the mail. Hope it gets there soon...enjoy your cooler temps!

PJ said...

Par ici, c'est l'été des Indiens qui s'amène pour la fin de semaine de l'action de grâce (supposant que ça a gelé cette nuit comme ils l'annonçaient). J'haïs ça. J'aime mes octobres frais.