Sunday 16 October 2011

I won (and received) something

Sometimes blogging bring unexpected benefits. As my readers may know already through the posts of another blog and through comments on my own blog, I won something because of this blog. This is the second time something like this happens to me. Wendy the (very good) witch sent me The Halloween Tree, the fantasy novel that inspired the name of her blog. I am spoiled. I thought I would only receive Bradbury's book, but this was grossly underestimating Wendy's generosity: I also received some treats, lots of decorations, some Halloween pencils with jack o'lanterns and ghosts on them and I am forgetting a few of them.

This is more than enough to get myself into a Halloween spirit. And I will reshuffle my reading list so I can start reading The Halloween Tree tomorrow. I can barely wait. I expressed my gratitude to Wendy before, but I thought this deserved a post. So thank you Wendy.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said... don't need to thank me Guillaume! I'm glad that you were a winner! I do those extra things because I love to spread Halloween cheer, even if just in small ways! And since your weather wasn't cooperating with your Autumn plans, I felt you deserved a little Halloween Care package to help get you in the mood! A few trinkets to appeal to that Halloween child you used to be!

I do hope you enjoy the book, just remember that it's geared at a younger audience, but it's still pretty much universally loved by most Halloween Fans young and old! His verbal descriptions of Autumn and Halloween and Samhain never fail to get me in full Halloween mode! :o)

The Gill-Man said...

Wens is the ABSOLUTE best! She's an incredibly generous, wonderful soul! I too have won goodies from her, and she tossed in a few extras just to sweeten the experience!

I was lucky enough to meet her in person this past summer. Our families had dinner together when we ventured to her neck of the woods! She and her fam are wonderful folks, and we all look forward to one day spending further time with them!

Congrats on the win! I KNOW you'll love the book! If you haven't read Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes, then I heartily recommend that you pick that up next! You're in for a real treat!