Saturday 29 October 2011

Jack O'Lantern

I carved the Jack O'Lantern tonight. You can see pictures of it here and here (just how many pics of the same carved pumpkin can you publish on a blog? I am terrible). I love the whole ritual of carving pumpkins (well obviously), and of course the result. It smells of Halloween now: hollowed pumpkin and burning candle.

For those who have been busy preparing Samhain and may not have had time to read this blog much, I made my own version of the Jack O'Lantern legend, if you have any patience and time to spare please read part 1 and part 2 and tell me if it is any good. I think some of it was a bit rushed, but it is the first piece of genuine fiction written by yours truly, on a blog called Vraie Fiction. And it is my contribution to the Halloween season.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant and scary lantern! And may I ask what you do with all the pumpkin pulp?

suzanne said...

Love your jack-o-lantern. Despite the elaborate templates out there, I still like the traditional faces best.

Gwen Buchanan said...

oh Wow,Guillaume I loved this!!! Great writing... I was enthralled to the end..
Thank for the tale and Spooky Halloween!

tao.owl said...

Wow, who knew you were that creative with a knife :-) Great lantern! I love Halloween, my brother and I used to scrape all of the guts and every seed from the pumpkin and chase each other around the yard with it, smashing it over our heads. It was definitely more gratifying than saving it to use in a pie.