Saturday 27 August 2011

Rowan tree

I seem to be blogging a lot about trees these days, but one has to follow his muse where she leads him and my dad sent me a few good photos which would be sad to leave in my computer folder. This is a recent picture of the rowan tree of my parents' garden. I blogged about it before and already showed pictures of it in full fiery autumnal colours. It is not nearly as bright these days, but I thought I would put it here anyway, to give some circumstantial colours to this blog.

Rowan trees are associated with mythology and folklore, as I mentioned here. With this end of August that looks and feels more and more like autumn, my mind being more and more on you know which holiday, I thought it was a nice idea to publish here this image of a witch repellent. For spiders, it's the smell of conkers, for witches it's the rowan tree, also called witch-bane. There are many of them in the little town where I live, I will go out soon and take a look at them.

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PJ said...

C'est le plus vieil arbre du terrain d'ailleurs, suivi par le pommetier en avant. Les deux sont rendus énormes (relativement parlant).