Monday 1 August 2011

The colours of the leaves on the trees again

This post is a sort of follow up to one of my posts from last month. It is my first day in Brittany and I noticed something: on many trees the leaves, instead of light green, turned yellow. So the phenomenon is not merely exclusive to England. Or to the business park where I work: I saw red leaves on the trees at the airport before we left. Again, I think it is due to the strange summer we had so far. On the BBC yesterday, they were saying that it was the coolest summer we had since 1998 (worse than 2007, really?). I don't know how it was then, but it makes for a strange situation: not so long ago it looked like summer but did not feel like it. Now it is quite hot outside, it feels like summer all right, but it does not look like it. In fact, it is as if autumn is peeking through. Or never left.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Unlike most of the States, we hear in the NW are feeling the same. It has been a cold and rainy summer....the flowers in my garden are very confused. :)


PJ said...

Si c'est jaune, c'est peut-être de la sécheresse. C'est plus évident avec le gazon bien sur.