Sunday 21 August 2011


I hope my readerhsip doesn't mind another seasonal blog, I might get things more profound this week so I might as well do something light now. This picture was taken by my dad a few days ago, it is about the crabapple tree, which branches are full of fruits, ripe enough to be picked. Whatever he told me when I blogged abou it earlier this year, the tree seems to have produced quite a lot. There are a few more pics about the tree, including a very impressive one (which I might publish here) where it looks huge, as it now is.

I am blogging about the crabapple tree because when I watch the pics dad sent, it makes me want to start harvesting. I am officially ready for autumn to start. Yes, there are still ten days until the end of August, but no matter, there are no holidays in sight, indeed the beginning of the school year is looming and I might as well get myself in the proper mindset. I haven't done proper harvesting, picked crabapples, or indeed any fruits, in years, not since 2005. I miss it.

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The Gill-Man said...

Right there with ya! ENOUGH of summer! Bring on Autumn in all her glory!