Monday 29 August 2011

Female role models (from Texas)

I don't have enough in a week, let alone a day, to read, listen and watch all the stuff I want on the internet. And I am not talking about the many books that keep piling up here and that I am reading at a snail's place. And now I have something else, one more thing to listen to. I need days longer than 24 hours. Anyway, I learned from the Atheist Experience's blog that there is a new atheist/humanist/feminist podcast aired, called Godless Bitches. Not the best name I think, I don't mind rude words, especially used ironically like in this case, but I think it should have been called Godless Chicks. Tracie Harris (author of Atheist Eve) is one of the "bitches" and it is always interesting to listen to her. You can also find Jen Peeples, another from the Atheist Experience that I like quite a lot.

I decided to blog about the podcast before I often mention here male role models, usually writers: Anthony Burgess, Elmore Leonard, Oscar Wilde, George Pelecanos, etc. I rarely mention women role models. Well, Tracie Harris and the others are women I deeply admire and look up to. Because they fight for secular humanism in a state that has been plagued, rotten by religious fundamentalism. In a place where feminism is still often a dirty words, their work is essential. So I thought it was just that I plug their podcast. Please find time to listen to it.

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