Monday 29 August 2011

Bank holiday Monday

It is a bank holiday Monday, so the last day of a three days weekend. We are not going anywhere, or at least not anywhere far. Going out of town was something my wife and I did yesterday and the day before. Watching BBC news, it was a wise decision: public transport is supposed to be very messy right now: trains are delayed and many undeground lines in London are closed/messed up because of works on the system. Travelling can easily become a nightmare on holidays, that's why I try to travel out of season as much as I can. For three days weekend, discovering the little nowheres that are nearby is in order. And reading. Oh, and blogging.


PJ said...

Pis, quand est-ce que tu te pointes de ce côté-ci de l'Atlantique (ou l'Acclantique, comme diraient certains...)? T'as des trucs qui t'attendent.

Guillaume said...

À ce rythme-là je vais prendre mes vacances à Noël 2012.