Tuesday 2 August 2011

Live from the attic room

This picture was not taken here (it was not taken around this time, but in October in an Indian summer) and when I look at the window it doesn't quite lok like it (I can see a vast garden for one), but it gives at least a vague impression of what it feels like.

So yes, I am blogging live from the attic room. It appears that I cannot escape from attic rooms, nor do I want to. This place is ideal for writing. I spent most of my morning here. Some would say that I should go out more and spend my holidays outside, but I love this place, it maks me feel creative. I sometimes think, however, that I should write something more serious than a blog post. This is almost too good a room for what I am doing in it.

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Anonymous said...

Seems perfect. Happy writing in the attic.