Wednesday 3 August 2011

I love a good noir

I am not reading a crime fiction novel at the moment and it came to my mind that, whatever I was saying recently about reading more heavy literature, that I miss reading a good crime book. After The Plague, I will probably read some noir fiction. Of course my mod can change since then, but noir is perfect for a hot summery day, it contrasts beautifully with the weather. I got some Jean-Patrick Manchette and Tardi comic book from the library to keep me company here until I read a novel. Whichever the medium, the French know how to do noir.

I recently rewatched L.A. Confidential, which is maybe my favourite movie of the 90s. A great film noir, or neo-noir as they sometimes say. It is always a pleasure to watch it. I have never been to Los Angeles, I almost don't want to go, to avoid being disappointed. It cannot be as haunting as it is in the film. I thought about putting the theme here, from the late Jerry Goldsmith. Just because it has a nice beat to it.


Cynthia said...

I am reading about the economy .. I guess it kinds of qualify for the genre !

Anonymous said...

I didn't like L.A. I must confess since the picture in my mind's eye, greatly influenced by movies set there, and the reality were a world apart. Just as I was disappointed when as I was a 9 year old landing at Heathrow for the first time, and complained that the run way wasn't cobbled. I thought that all of London was old cobbled streets...:-)