Saturday 13 August 2011

Autumn: I may be right

I took this picture of a painting back in July. My snapshots were embarrassingly bad, but I thought I would use it for a post like this one. I often say that blogs change colours with the seasons. This one certainly does.

I found a thread on Digitalspy about exactly what I have been noticing recently: that the leaves are changing colours (and not only in England) and that it looks more and more like autumn. Some explanations have been advanced: dry weather (I am not totally convinced, as dry leaves would not turn red as I saw) and the generally cool, mixed summer we had. If autumn comes early, I am actually fine with it as I love the season and because I don't have any holiday any time soon. I know not everyone will be happy if I and those forum posters (is that the right word?) are right, especially after/during a muddled up summer. But I am glad I am not dreaming things up, it is not entirely wishful thinking.

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The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Well it may not be wishful thinking on your part....but it would be on mine! {sigh} There is no sign of Autumn here, nor will there be until around February. We actually do get a slight changing of colors here, but it happens well after Christmas and before the first frosts. But it's still nothing compared to up North, or probably over in England. Enjoy it my friend! :o)