Wednesday 4 May 2011

A whimsical great unknown line

Another one from my youngest brother, which is good enough to be an aphorism. You can see that we read Oscar Wilde. He added to his Facebook status update:, after a friend teased him about being humble

"When you think about it, humility is such a lie."

Funny, but also often true.


Anonymous said...

There is a song from a musical, which one I forget, that goes: "Oh Lord it's hard to be humble, when I am perfect in every way" :-)

Devadar said...

I gotta start getting paid for those.

PJ said...

T'as juste à en faire un livre. Félix Leclerc avait ses Calepins, je ne sais plus quel "D-list celebrity" (un comique dont le nom m'échappe mais dont je me rappelle la face) a fait un livre de ses tweets. Tu pourrais trouver le juste milieu entre les deux.

Gwen Buchanan said...

ha. good one.