Saturday 14 May 2011

A somewhat painful decision

I will not do the next acting class, that was supposed to start this Wednesday. I thought at first I would, but I will not. For various reasons, each one of them not enough by itself, but on the whole it was sadly the right decision: it is out of town, I will have to hang out for two hours until class starts, I will be very busy at work, it would take a lot of energy I am not sure I have right now and furthermore the course is not quite what I need right now. I want to go back on the stage, and this is more voice work. I would learn something, even something useful, but it is still not quite I am looking for.

I felt guilty saying no, especially since I wanted to do more acting. And because I know I will miss many aspects of the class: the exercises, the people, the whole creative process. But I don't want to feel that it is a chores, that it is something I feel forced to do. I want acting, and the whole learning process, to remain fun. And being exhausted doing something I did not quite sign up for is not exactly fun. It saddens me, but I will have my Wednesday evenings free. I still want to act, but I might take another path.

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Anonymous said...

When one curtain goes down, another goes up?:-) I wish you luck in finding something that is just the right fit. I am sure that you will recognise it when it comes along.