Sunday 1 May 2011

What May will bring

This is the first day of May, spring is looking more and more like summer (sorry for the clichés) and my parents left England today. It was nice being with them, like a mini-holiday. We are still on holiday, as we have a bank holiday tomorrow. Being with my parents brought a few numbers of changes to my every day life: my alcohol intakes went way up (mainly beer and rosé wine which they are quite fond of), my calories intakes too(but my mum finds me too skinny so thinks I should eat more), I spent time playing tourist and tourist guide (succcessively and simultaneously) and overall ejoying life. I like being an hedonist when I can. I will try to keep it up for the upcoming month. I might not go out as often, but I can still try to cook nice food, drink beer and wine (as long as my liver allows it at least), read outside and try to enjoy myself. I don't know how easy it will be when these almost holidays will be over. Every day life has its way of getting in the way of the carefree existence one seeks, even when the flowers are blossoming and the weather is nice.


Mozart's Girl said...

So happy that you had a wonderful time with your parents, Guillaume! Happy May to you...hope that you manage to keep up the hedonism a while longer! xx Rachel

Anonymous said...

This May resolution of yours holds great appeal, and I hope your resolve overcomes every day life. Do be kind to your liver though:-)