Monday 23 May 2011

Windy days

This is a picture from the inside of the Temple of Aeolus in Kew Gardens. I decided to put it here because it fits the topic of this post and because, well, it is a beautiful monument that fascinates me. Like I said in this post, the temple is visited by the elements. Which is kind of neat.

So yesterday and today were very windy days. Yesterday was sunny and windy and quite nice. Not very warm but not cold either, it was just a nice windy day, good enough to fly a kite. Then today it was mostly cloudy and miserable and the wind was much colder. It didn't feel right as I was not wearing warm enough clothes. I was not exactly freezing and I spent all day inside anyway, but when I was out it was not comfortable.

I love windy days, either hearing the wind from inside, or walking out dressed appropriately (like I did yesterday). In this strange month of May that sometimes almost looks like autumn, I would love to spend more time walking in it.


Gwen Buchanan said...

very windy here too especially today.. not very warm though.. longest coolest spring we ever had.. warming = the ice age cometh

Anonymous said...

There is such symbolism in wind. It reminds us of change, destiny or travel. Who hasn't stood on a windy beach and wondered where the wind might take you on the waves? There is almost something mystical about wild windy days. But something comforting too as it makes clothes dance on a washing line, or chases the clouds away after a storm to reveal the sun. And after reading this I have a strong urge to fly a kite, and I haven't done that since I was a child. It's about time I did again!