Thursday 26 May 2011

Rain and thunder

After the wind came the storm. It was raining a lot today. Last night I was woken up by thunder, today it poured. Luckily enough, I was inside the whole time it rained, so I remained dry. When I walked home, there was big ponds of water and it smelled wet. I love heavy rains like this one, as long as I don't get caught in it (although even then I could appreciate it if it is not too cold. But I feel like I could not appreciate fully, as I was working. Yes, I blogged about this before. And before. We are going to have a three days weekend soon. I kind of hope that at least one day will be rainy. Not a monotonous rain but a big, violent, dramatic, atmospheric rain like I love, so I can enjoy it completely.


Cynthia said...

I thought there would be a thunderstorm over Paris yesterday evening but it sadly passed over without one single drop :(

PJ said...

C'est merveilleux les spammers.