Tuesday 10 May 2011

A broken cedar branch

Just by the train station, or the gate that is meant to be our local train station (it looks like a Northern version of a station taken out of a spaghetti western), there was the branch of a cedar tree broken down from the trunk. It is quite a sight, this huge chunk of green blocking the pavement. I wondered if it was the last storm that did it. Or maybe (more likely/more precisely) the wind, which had been blowing a lot at that time. I don't know why it got stuck in my mind. Maybe because of this post. Maybe because I am often in awe when I witness the force of nature, or its aftermaths. It is simply one of those nothings that make life and get stuck in my psyche. Maybe there is something to do about it, a bit of text or something. In any case, I owe it a blog post.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes the most ordinary things become extraordinary in the right atmosphere or mood. Today I got caught in an Autumn shower of leaves falling down onto the road dancing in the wind. I felt annointed by beauty and so easily understand the awe you felt:-)