Saturday 28 May 2011

May Fayre

There was a fayre today in the local park. We usually go there for a bit. I enjoy fayres quite a lot (although they can get boring). My favourite is Nuit Blanche sur Tableau Noir on the Plateau Mont-Royal, which I haven't been to in years. At the local May Fayre I am fairly predictable: I have lunch there, usually burgers, I have a pint of real ale (or more), I buy keyrings and other stuff from the Cats Protection Society (I did again this year, two keyrings as they don't last long and one bookmark), I try to encourage local businesses and I avoid like the plague Christian stands (I prefer to save cats than souls).

So that is pretty much what I did this year. I also bought some cream fudge, not from the stand of our local sweet shop but from another one, owned by a sweet old man who travels around towns to sell his products. He does not even have a shop. He also had the weirdest fudge mix, with rhubarb in it. It was still delicious and so unique I had to buy some. I love rhubarb, but that is for another post. It was a strange May fayre as it did not look like May at all: the weather was cloudy and quite cool for a month of May. In a way it was fitting that I had burgers, dark beer (an IPA that was not very pale) and fudge. Still, I miss Nuit Blanche sur un Tableau Noir a lot. There was something Bohemian about it that I could never find in other fayres.

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