Friday 20 May 2011

Keeping my feet on the ground

I just couldn't let this one slip. I know very little about the Rapture, they didn't bother teaching us about it during my Catholic childhood. Probably because our teachers and the religious people who were coming at school trying to prevent us from thinking knew it was utterly ridiculous. I knew zilch about it as a Catholic boy, I know little more as a heathen. I really enjoyed Therefore Repent, a graphic novel that uses it as the basis for the story.

Some fundamentalists are going to pray and hope to leave this world (but why? it ain't so bad), while most Christians look embarrasingly the other way (I cannot blame them), many atheists/humanist groups are supposed to party about it (that's a good excuse as any) and I totally forgot about this non-event. But I find it suiting that whatever happens (or more likely not), I will keep my feet on the ground.


suzanne said...

I had heard of the Rapture before, but hadn't known the (most recent) date of the event until last week. Since then, I've been saturated with information. I even pass a large billboard on my home from work, encouraging repentance.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the analysis of why it didn't happen. Along with a new date for the End of Days. :D

Anonymous said...

I know its 'happening' today at 6pm if I remember correctly. But in which timezone? The devil is in the details:-)