Saturday 21 May 2011

Ever growing readership

I was happy to see that Vraie Fiction recently got new readers. According to my followers list I now have 26. This is ridiculously small compared to many blogs I have seen, but it is still a good number. Not bad anyway, for someone who had started with only his family. One day, who knows, when I will have thousands of readers, I might even get paid to do this. Or maybe this day will never come. Too bad, I was planning on this for my retirement plan.

But seriously, here are some of my new readers: Eliza Keating, according to her Google profile she is a NHS nurse and children book writers (so my second writer here after Leigh Russell), I am the Guinea Pig (qui pour une raison quelconque n'apparaît pas sur la liste, Émile Couture and an Italian with the pen name of Gatto999 (bienvenudo). To all, welcome. I am curious on how they found this blog and what made them stay at Vraie Fiction (apart from clicking on "follow" by mistake). Please feel free to tell me your story in the comments section.

I will soon have to beef up the blogroll again.


Mozart's Girl said...

I can't remember why or when I discovered your blog Guillaume...but it always intrigues me and I love to read it! Long may you continue. I'm always fascinated about the origin of my followers too...I guess that some of them will always remain a mystery! Happy weekend xx Rachel

Guillaume said...

Thank you! I remember how you found me: I found you in fact. I commented on your blog first, found it via October Farm and decided to have a look because of its name.

tao.owl said...

Guillaume, thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and always look forward to your next post. I am new to blogging and am always open to any constructive criticism on how I could improve my blog.
Also, I noticed that I am listed as one of your followers,(taoowl),however, my photo does not show?