Monday, 19 March 2018

The Wallingford Connection

My wife and my son have recently been visiting Wallingford, one of my favourite towns in England, to meet Wolfie's grandparents. Twice last week, in fact, sadly when I was at work. I am blogging about it because in the foreseeable future, we will be visiting Wallingford more often, both as our little family of three, and as a gathering point for our larger family. I am very happy with this development. The town has many attractions, which I want to discover and rediscover, especially its independent bookshop, where I try to stop as if it is a reader's pilgrimage. I blogged about it a few times, it made me discover quite a few novels. My wife is a bit reluctant of that one, because she thinks we have so many books here. But anyway, I will blog more about Wallingford in the upcoming weeks.

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