Monday, 26 March 2018

£10 back to the bookshop

Here is another little anecdote about the local bookshop explaining why I like them so much: I went there yesterday and I behaved myself: I only bought one book for Wolfie. I paid in cash, using a 20 pounds note, the person at the till gave me back a ten pounds note and some coins. When we went to make other purchases, we discovered that the ten pounds note was an old note, no longer in use and accepted in shops, but exchangeable at the bank. We went back to the bookshop, and we got it exchanged without a fuss or protest, or any question. Now I understand that I am a very loyal customer and that it is in the interest of a local business to be fair and honest to local customers, or customers in general, but nevertheless, this was nice and friendly and not all businesses, here and elsewhere, are like this nowadays.

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