Tuesday, 27 March 2018

St Peter's for Easter?

As Easter is approaching, we are trying to prepare the celebration. We will have most likely and as usual a quiet one, only us three, but I want us to have plenty of nice food and drinks to make it special. And, in my case, fitting alcoholic drinks. Although as a dad, I cannot drink all that much. Red wine would be fitting for Easter, but as it makes me sneeze, I will most likely settle for a beer. I bought a pack of four different beers from St. Peter's Brewery recently (a rediscovery: I had some in the past, but a long time ago) and I think this might be the beer of choice for Easter Sunday. Not because of its name (okay, maybe a bit), but because it's a quality beer and instead of red wine, a dark beer with rusty red colour such as their Ruby Red Ale would be very fitting. I might have to buy more packs though...

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