Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Caution: green paint

This is another anecdote about my son I have heard from my wife, but sadly did not witness it. I wish I had. It's a very silly one, a non event which I find nevertheless very funny. So anyway, my wife and Wolfie went to an art class yesterday. They go there every week and little Wolfie enjoys it a lot, although he does nothing except playing with whatever he can find and run around like some wild anarchist that he is. As usual that day, my wife did most of the work, gluing stuff on a sheet of paper and doing the colouring and so on. But Wolfie took a bit of paint and put it on my wife's jeans. Some orange paint and some green one too. And that's the funny part: my wife detests the green colour. And now she has some on her favourite jeans. It should go with a laundry wash. One hopes.

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