Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A Clockwork Orange in Liverpool

Everybody knows the movie, not as many people know the original novel by Anthony Burgess, but there is another medium to (re)discover A Clockwork Orange if you are in Liverpool: on stage. The Everyman Company made its own adaptation. First I have a rhetorical question: why wasn't such project made when I was working and living in Liverpool? If I didn't have family obligations, I would probably take time off to go and see it. Having lived there for a year, I have an attachment to it, I also consider it a very fitting place for a stage adaptation. It's a Northern city with a history of violence. Burgess loved it almost as much as his native Manchester. In fact, the story of A Clockwork Orange could very well be set in a nightmarish Liverpool. Anyway, it's from Saturday the 14th of April to Thursday the 12th of July, for those lucky enough to go and see it. And here is the video of their rehearsal. It does not merely make me want to see the play, I want to be back on stage just looking at it! Or better still: I want to be on stage, in Liverpool, playing a role in an adaptation of something by Anthony Burgess.

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Rain said...

I saw the movie a long time ago and barely remember it. I should watch it again.