Saturday 16 April 2016

The killer at the window

Remember the time when I used to upload a cover from pulp magazine Detective Tales and comment on it? I used to do it once every month or so. Well, I haven't done it since Fenruary 2014. I thought that I would try to revive the monthly tradition. This cover, from the April 1953 issue, I have actually uploaded before, in April 2008. So it is the first time I reuse an image from Detective Tales, but back then I had not commented on it much (I had written a quick post in the library as the internet had stopped working at home). It is maybe my favourite DT cover ever. It is so simple: one marskman looking at what may be his victim from the darkness of his room. The man in the street  might be a bodyguard of the killer's true victim, a private eye, a man of importance, he might even only be a bystander. The marksman is nothing more than an extension of his weapon which takes center stage. The atmosphere is sinister and ominous. I mentioned before that I always wanted to write a story based on that image. I still do.


Anonymous said...

great cover and I think you have already set the plan the for the story!!

Guillaume said...

I do have some ideas for the image yes. I also wonder if there is a story for it already.