Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Sometimes after lunch, I try to calm my sweet tooth and give myself a sugar boost with a chocolate bar. This is what I did today, with Cadbury's Starbar, something I did not remember trying before. I sually have a Snickers, but this is not exclusive. This one has many things similar to a Snickers bar actually: it has peanuts and and caramel. The caramel is smoother though. That said, I can't help suspecting strongly that this is Cadbury's answer to Snickers (Starbar was launched in 1976, Snickers in 1930). And I was unconvinced. I am not sure why. It is a good enough chocolate bar, it's just not... original enough, I guess. Snickers is stocky, it's like a working man's chocolate bar. This has a fancier wrapping, a pompous name, but it's just an imitation. I will stick to the original for now on, thank you very much. Or the Snickers with hazelnuts, which is maybe my favourite chocolate bar nowadays. But Starbar? Even the wrapping irritates me a bit.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've never seen a Starbar in Canada. But Snickers? Oh yeah, baby!

Rustic Pumpkin said...

I love Snickers ~ or Marathon as I still sometimes call them, which is what they were in the UK before the name change. Also loved Topic bars, hard to find now, and Amazin bars which had fruit in them, but were discontinued years ago.

Anonymous said...

I live in Ontario and have never seen this bar or Snickers with hazlenuts,, we lived pretty far north though, things do take time coming to us lol,,,