Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ninja cat

Sometimes, my wife suggests that I turn Vraie Fiction into a complete cat blog. I have no intention to do so, but being a cat lover, cats are a constant source of inspiration for me. And here is a new anecdote about Domino: he showed up to be a feline ninja cat recently: he jumped up from the bedside cabinet to the top of the wardrobe. One single jump. I have no idea why he did this, I guess he was in his exploration mode. Since he does not leave the flat anymore, he does get wild sometimes and wants to check every single spot in the house. With this particular spot, he reached a new peak, so to speak. And I have to admit, I am impressed.


Anonymous said...

very impressive Domino!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I read once that cats like to be the highest thing in the room because it makes them feel in control. It's a predator thing.

Anonymous said...

It's because this peak peeked his interest... OK. Pun police, here I surrender.
And there can never be too many cats on the Interwebs.