Saturday, 30 April 2016

Criminal slang

A few days ago, I finished The Martini Shot by George Pelecanos. Which means I have now read all his books. I am literally up to date with my Pelecanos. This shows how much I love him as a crime writer. But anyway, it was about something I wanted to blog about: I learned a new crime slang term reading The Martini Shot. In the novella that gives its title to the book, there is the mention of the expression "Jamaican roll." And no, it is not, as one would naturally think, a joint. Well, yes it is, I mean I have heard/read about it used as a synonymous for spiff and if you google it that is what you will find. Nevertheless, a Jamaican roll is also, apparently, a roll of dollar bills where phony money has been mixed with real one. I don't know where Pelecanos fount it and maybe he made it up, but I loved the term, so thought I would mention it here.

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