Monday 29 December 2014

This season's D&Dr game

This picture was taken from Dragon magazine, number 208. I chose it to illustrate this post because it fits the season: a knight on a snowy lanscape followed by hungry wolves. Nothing this dramatic happened to me, but yesterday my brothers and I played Dungeons & Dragons. It is a Christmas tradition and one of my favourite. Yesterday was special: we finished the campaign we had started decades earlier. I mean by this that we didn't only finish a particular mission, but the whole story arch that kept us and our characters going for a long while has been done. It was dramatic, suspenseful, gripping even, now it is over. So that's it. There are a few lose ends that may need to be tied up, some things that we can explore further if we play our characters again, but overall, evil has been vanquished, at least for now, we won and so on. I am happy this is done and our quest is finally over, nevertheless I feel a bit of melancholia. As if I had just finished a novel I particularly loved. I know I can read it again, but I will never have the same excitement.

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Anonymous said...

it must have been a bit bittersweet to end,