Saturday 13 December 2014


During Advent and the Christmas holidays, I often drink and try seasonal drinks. Mulled wine of course, but also Christmas beers, or Christmas themed beers. They show up in pubs everywhere here when Christmas is coming. I think they are more Christmas-themed beers than Christmas beers per se. In other words, they just put a Christmas label on a beer and voilà. The one I am about to plug, like many of the ones I drank, use the legendary Rudolph's red nose as a symbol for alcohol. I have seen many beers named Rudolph in the past. This one is named Reinbeer and it is from Ringwood Brewery. The beer is quite nice, easy enough to drink, maybe not dark enough for my taste and not really red like I would expect from its label. Not my first choice of real ale for the season, but it is from Ringwood Brewery and I often enjoy their products, so if only for this, I would encourage people to try it. And it does have a nice word play for a name.

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