Monday 8 December 2014

Ice and salt

This morning at the train station, waiting for the train to go to work, I noticed another sign of winter, proving without the shadow of a doubt that the season was here: there was salt on the platform. Lots and lots of salt, to cover the ice or make sure there was no black ice. I saw it before, once I even got to work late because someone had to salt the platform (yes, sounds dumb written like this) before the train could leave. Now the salt had been there since before early morning. Before I was waiting for the train anyway, which I guess is not early morning, but it often feels like it, especially Monday. Anyway, it was the anecdote that made my day, it was the non-event of the beginning of this week. Ice and salt. Winter is here.


Nellie said...

Ah, yes! It truly sounds like winter has arrived!

Gwen Buchanan said...

It sure is... in all its bone chilling glory!