Wednesday 10 December 2014

A Literary Christmas

As my readership knows, I read seasonal. And that means during the Advent and Christmastime, I read books about Christmas, or set during Christmastime, or linked to the season in an apparently tenuous way. But I do also read books that talk of Christmas at length. Last year in Waterstone's, I bought A Literary Christmas, which I am reading at the moment (among many other things. It is an anthology, which means it has a flaw: I can find the same stories somewhere else. And this one has, apart from the usual poems, quite a lot of abstract of novels or short stories rather than full stories. And the cover is rather lame. But let's not judge a book by its cover. Even if this one is lame, the book is a rather fun read so far, full of Yuletide atmosphere. And with many classic authors, the book certainly has soul. Or should I say souls? In any case, it is proper literature, although sometimes truncated.

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Nellie said...

There are the traditional favorites for Christmas reading here, with "The Christmas Carol" at the top of the list.