Saturday 19 January 2013

More on the beaver's diet

Well, not exactly. I mean yes, this post is a sort of follow up on this one. It is snowy outside and I feel very much like I need sugar to keep me going, if I don't want to start hibernating out of wintery numbness. I could have caffeine, but I don't like coffee. So I have decided to fall at least partially into temptation and eat stuff high in sugar, like cakes and chocolate. In moderation, if I can (I am somewhat immoderate when I crave something, especially sugar). Sugar keeps me going when I feel tired or sleepy. Sugar gives me endorphin. Beavers must know how to survive in rough wintery weather (they even swim in water during winter), so having a sugar diet right now is a wise idea.

I uploaded this picture from Dropbox. It is a rolled cake that has, like all sweet roulade an uncanny ressemblance to a Yule log. Not too much to be out of place in a blog post written in January. And since it still looks like a log, it is kind of fitting. In fact, this could be the human adaptation of the beaver's diet. Instead of bark, I could get the sugar from the cake and the chocolate icing.


Vanilla said...

miam miam, le sucre c'est tellement bon, bonbons, chocolat, gateau tout y passe tout les jours je ne me prive pas et encore plus en cette période de froid comme tu dis

Cynthia said...

C'est plutôt le gras qui me tente en ce moment mais hier on a mangé des bonnes crêpes au sirop d'érable :)