Wednesday 16 January 2013

A Beaver's Diet

It has been very cold recently. The snow is mostly gone (for now), but the cold is here, wet, nasty. It is cold enough to prickle the skin like sharp icy needles. Some of my colleagues were complaining about it, they all agreed that it is so cold it hurts. I said what my mother often says: "When you are in pain, it means you are still alive." It is a great unknown line, and a Nietszchean one. But yes, walking outside is an experience in pain.

But winter here does have its bright side: there is Winterwatch. I learned about the beaver's winter diet. Apparently, what they find in the bark they eat is sugar. During winter, they burn all the fat they have accumulated and have a high sugar diet. Suddenly, the label on the Map-O-Spread seems so fitting. I am very tempted to have a similar diet for the rest of the winter. I received another bribe of chocolate today, a small Cadbury bar, so I guess I do have sugar intakes. I know chocolate is not exactly healthy, but I need my endorphin. Maybe that is why beavers have a sugaree diet during winter. For the endorphin one needs to get through.

And on a side note, I promise that my next post will be about something else than food or winter.


Cynthia said...

I'm eating honey like crazy mais c'est qu'il ne reste plus de beurre de peanut!

Anonymous said...

Ah to have the metabolism of a beaver;-)

Guillaume said...

@Cynthia-Moi je suis stocké en beurre d'arachide, je devrais être bon pour un mois ou deux.
@Anonymous-I certainly wish I had it.