Monday 7 January 2013

Crunchie bribery

Today, I was asked to do another translation at work. It was quick and easy, yet my colleague gave me before I even started a Crunchie bar, partly to thank me in advance, partly (I think) to sneakily make me get on with it. According to the Cadbury's website, the Crunchie bar "offers an uplifting taste experience". That is saying a bit much about something that is just honeycomb covered with milk chocolate. I didn't exactly feel uplifted eating it after lunch as my afternoon snack, after I had done the translation (for the record), but it gave me a most welcome boost for the afternoon (chocolate does that to me). I cannot complain, I have to do these translations whether or not I receive an extra (or a bribe) for it, so I might as well enjoy a chocolate bar for the hard work.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Man, I haven't had a Crunchie bar in years, simply years. They used to be one of my faves.

Cynthia said...

Je n'aimais pas trop les crunchies à Montréal mais depuis que c'est une des seules barres au chocolat que je trouve facilement ici, j'aime bien en manger une :)