Thursday 17 January 2013


I once said on Facebook: "There is rock in baroque" to a friend who was into both. Which is very true, and a new great unknown line immortalised on Vraie Fiction. About two years ago, I illustrated this principle with a piece from Rameau that the same friend had uploaded.I wanted to illustrate it again, and I was wondering with what piece of baroque music. And then it struck me: why not more Handel, to remember he composed more than The Messiah? So here is Da Tempeste, from Giulio Cesare, interpreted by, well, Danielle de Niese. I hesitated a lot to have this one, because I find very irritating the way de Niese moves on stage. As in: she moves too much and like a pop star. Someone should remind her sometimes that she is a soprano, not some two bit pop singer.But I forgive her because of her enthusiasm about Handel's music (listen to what she says about it here). Anyway, am I the only one to hear the rock beat? This is pure barock.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, she's got the moves like Celine alright, LOL! But clearly she enjoys belting out Handel and looks like she's having fun!

Guillaume said...

At least she is having fun, yes. I just find slightly irritating that she seems unable to stay still.

Louise said...

Que d'enthousiasme, en effet. Tant qu’à moi c’est communicatif.
Les pauvres musiciens qui devaient se taper ce dos qu’elle sait joli!