Sunday 6 January 2013

The Epiphany in a nutshell

It is the Epiphany today, which should officially mean the last day of the Christmas holidays. I already blogged about it in French today. It means nothing these days, except in some Christian traditions, and even. When I was a child, we were still on holidays until the 7th of January, so we usually had some sort of celebration on the Epiphany, which we called "les Rois" or "la Fête des Rois". We were eating a special cake for the day (the "gâteau des Rois") and everything. It was a bittersweet celebration, because the Christmas season was really about to end. But I blogged about it before.

Today is a Sunday like any other, grey and monotonous, the only difference is that you can still see the signs of the past Christmas outside. I love them during the season, in January I already find them out of place. This is what the Epiphany is nowadays: a January day. Like my brother said in the comment on my previous post: it means absolutely nothing. I find much more interesting, and much more meaningful, the feeling of Epiphany, as you can read here. But the day, unfortunately, is now just a day, at the most a Christmas post-mortem.

And promise, my next posts will be more cheerful.

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