Monday 14 January 2013

Winter Purgatory

I was wondering about it yesterday, today it was confirmed: it had snowed during the night. This morning, it looked quite lovely on the ground. And the train was on time. They were forecasting a snowy Apocalypse, icy Hell. This was not nearly as bad as this. Then it snowed some more, I walked in it at lunch break. It was not so lovely, as the snow was not a pleasant one: it was thick, melting snow that wouldn't stay on the ground, but would turn someone wet and cold in minutes. On the way back, it had turned into rain and the station was icy. They had put buckets of salt all around. I rarely find winter hellish. I sometimes find it heavenly, especially when I have nothing else to do than enjoy it. But today and this evening, I thought it was pure Purgatory.

But not all is bad: there is Winterwatch on right now and it will be on all week. It is the spinoff/brother of Autumnwatch/Springwatch. I am a bit too tired to give it much attention, but I love to see images of British wildlife and the English countryside can be so beautiful during winter, all bare and quiet. It makes me forget about wet snow and how unpleasant winter can be when it is Purgatory on Earth.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

Our snow is all melting now with big rising fog clouds drifting up from it.. it has turned milder for a few days.. we have to enjoy it cause it is forecasting -25 for Friday.. Oh what a lovely time of year!!