Friday 18 January 2013

Sigurd and the Dragon

I left work earlier because of the snow that fell over the UK. Luckily, the trains left on time, so I was not stranded anywhere. Anyway, I spent my free afternoon reading, amont other things (as I read many books at the same time) Gods and Heroes from Viking Mythology. I am still at the creation of the world, with frost giants being very loud when they are having council, which is irritating Odin and his brothers. I am looking forward to get into the stories of Viking heroes.

Last Christmas, I read the story of Sigurd to my godson, because he had been very impressed by the image I uploaded on the right (drawing by Giovanni Caselli). I say I read it, but I didn't read it much, as it was quite a long story. I barely had time to read the introduction, until Fafnir murders his father Hreidmar and turns into a dragon. At least my godson had time to see the dragon get into the story. My mother kept telling me: "Oh, just read the bit about the dragon!". But it is difficult for the story to make any sense without any context. So I read it from the beginning, until he started dozing off. Of course I looove the legend of Sigurd. I read the Sigurd legend before the stories it had inspired, among them The Lord of The Rings, so it has an "original" charm to me.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Thanks for reminding me. Forgot how much I liked this story and how it spawned so many tales. Thanks for posting.


Guillaume said...

It was a pleasure. And thanks for visiting and commenting again on my blog!