Saturday, 5 November 2011

Being a prolific blogger

As my French readership knows already, 2011 has been, so far and as of today, the year where I have been the most prolific as a blogger. Sometimes I fear the inspiration will run dry. Touch wood, but it has not happened yet, not this year. In 2008, I did 601 posts, this one is is the 605th one in 2011, and the year is not over.

Of course, this doesn't mean 1)that I will find much inspiration or energy to blog in the next weeks and 2)that what I will write will be any good. November is generally a quieter month and so far I have mainly blogged about food, blogging, trivial stuff and... November. The fear is still here, especially since I do not have acting this year to give me topics. And while the time of year can be a source of inspiration, one does not have to follow it. I barely noticed it was the 5th of November today and did zilch about it and did not care to blog about it again. So I am facing a blank page and I wonder how I am going to fill it, with both excitement and fear. Not a paralysing fear, simply one that will keep me on edge.

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Anonymous said...

Ah muses...just a bundle of trouble at times:-)